Best Keto Taco Salad Toppings For A Delicious Low Carb Meal

Keto taco salads are a delicious low-carb meal option. They are typically made up of a lettuce base topped with taco-flavored meat, cheese, vegetables, and other keto-friendly ingredients. With so many tasty add-ons to choose from, it can be tricky deciding which toppings make for the ultimate keto taco salad.


Cheese is an excellent high-fat topping that adds a lot of flavor to any taco salad. Here are some of the best keto-friendly cheese options:


Shredded cheddar is a classic taco salad cheese. Its sharp flavor pairs perfectly with ground beef or turkey. Topping the salad with cheddar also helps the cheese melt into the other ingredients.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a moist, crumbly Mexican cheese. It has a mild flavor that gives taco salads a little extra kick. Queso fresco also holds up well when tossed with the other ingredients.

Monterey Jack

Monterey jack is a creamy cheese that melts beautifully on top of warm taco meat and vegetables. Sprinkle shredded Monterey jack over the salad just before serving.


Protein-packed meat makes for a hearty and filling keto taco salad. Ground beef is a popular choice, but here are some other keto-friendly options:

Ground Beef

Seasoned ground beef is hands-down one of the most common taco salad proteins. Cook the beef with taco seasoning and top the salad with it for a quick dose of protein and flavor.


Shredded rotisserie chicken breast is an easy swap for ground beef. It has a lighter texture and a milder flavor.


For a heartier salad, try thinly sliced grilled steak on top. Flank steak and skirt steak both work well. They bring richness along with a tasty char.


Vegetables add important vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keto taco salads. Some winning options include:


Shredded lettuce forms the foundation of a taco salad. Romaine and iceberg lettuce are crunchy choices that hold up well under hefty toppings.


Chopped tomatoes bring color, texture, and fresh tomato flavor. Grape tomatoes are a fun substitution too.


Minced red or white onions add a sharp, pungent kick. Pickled onions also provide a tasty crunch.


Healthy fats help make taco salads more satiating while staying low-carb. Avocados, sour cream, and guacamole make great options.


Cubes or slices of creamy avocado compliment any taco salad beautifully. The richness balances out the other ingredients.

Sour Cream

A dollop of cool sour cream over the salad adds moisture and tang. Plain full-fat Greek yogurt makes a lower-carb substitution.


Homemade or store-bought guacamole makes an awesome topping for keto taco salads. The combination of avocados, spices, and lime juice is hard to beat.


A few sprinkles of spice transform an average taco salad into something special. Here are some spices to try:


Fresh chopped cilantro adds a distinctive flavor usually associated with authentic Mexican food. Add it at the end for a pop of flavor and color.

Lime Juice

A squirt of lime juice right before serving wakes up all the ingredients. The acidity brightens the salad’s overall flavor.

Chili Powder

A small pinch of chili powder brings heat and smoky depth to the salad. Mix some into the meat or sprinkle over the top.

With so many tasty low-carb ingredients to choose from, the possibilities are endless for creating the perfect keto taco salad. Load it up with your favorite cheeses, proteins, veggies, fats, and spices for a delicious and nutritious low-carb meal.


Keto taco salads make for a filling, flavorful meal that doesn’t derail your diet. Packing your salad with tasty keto-approved toppings like cheese, meat, vegetables, healthy fats, and spices ensures you get great texture and taste in every bite. Experiment with different add-ins to discover your ideal combination of proteins, fats, crunch, creaminess, and zip.


What are some keto-friendly dressing options for taco salads?

Great keto dressing choices include salsa, guacamole, full-fat ranch, olive oil and vinegar, lime juice, or hot sauce.

Can you add beans or corn to a keto taco salad?

Beans and corn are generally too high in carbs for a keto diet. For a lower-carb swap, try black soybeans or riced cauliflower in place of corn.

What is the best way to cook ground beef for a taco salad?

Browning ground beef in a skillet while seasoning it with taco spices is a quick and tasty cooking method.

Can you eat keto taco salads every day?

While keto taco salads are healthy, variety is important in any diet. Rotate them with other keto meals throughout the week.

How can you meal prep keto taco salad toppings?

Cook taco meat and cut up vegetables on the weekend to quickly assemble salads later. Store ingredients separately until ready to serve.

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